East Otto, New York

Currently I am posting humorous and intimate glimpses into life in a rural western New York valley during the great depression - 1929 through 1936.

I would greatly appreciate your comments, feedback or YOUR reflections on this era, Western New York, or people. Write me or make your comments on the blog! Thank you.

East Otto Church
Photo taken before the horse sheds in the back were torn down.

My Wife Betty with the key to East Otto Church
1928 - Cattaragus, NY
Arnold - 6 yrs old & brother Irving - 1 1/2 yrs old
1929 - Schoolmates on site of Don Sproul's house
left to right: Clinton Woodward, Preston Steinbar, Carol Steinbar, Doug Silvernail, Hary Silvernail,
May Sprowl, Lillian Woodbar, Arnold Cook, Donald Sprowl

East Otto School District 6A - June 1934
Back Row: Donald Sprowl, Edward Spring, Lillian Woodard, Clair Woodard, Arnold Cook
Middle Row: Richard Bergholtz, Henry Forster, Ralph Spring, Irving Cook, Douglas Silvernail
Front Row: Ethel Glow, Robert Sullivan, Douglas Sullivan, May Sprowl

School House
Who do you recognize?  What year do you think this photo was taken?